Static files

packup provides the special handling of ./static/ directory. packup copies / serves the all files under ./static/ directory as is. You can reference these files from your main scripts, markups, or stylesheets.

For example, if you have static directory like the below.

$ tree static
├── foo.png
├── bar.svg
└── styles.css

And when you hit the command packup serve <html>, these are served as.


And when you hit the command packup build <html>, these are copied to dist.

$ tree dist
├── foo.png
├── bar.svg
└── styles.css

Change the static file path

You can configure the static file path by passing --static-dir option to the command

packup serve --static-dir ./public/ index.html
packup build --static-dir ./public/ index.html

Above commands use ./public/ directory as static directory.

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